The Latest Happenings

My watercolor playshop at the zoo was magical and the effect on me has been profound. I only took this one picture because as soon as I snapped it, I could feel it shatter the mystical space we had created in the tropical aviary with our sweet feminine energy, our fertile creative power and our […]

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Office Makeover

July 11, 2014

I won’t even go into how ugly this room was before.  Just suffice it to say that my office is now a space that pulls me in.  I Erin-ized it by making it pink and sacred. I started by putting a quilt made from my fabric line on the bed (every office should have a […]

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The ocean has warmed up nicely this summer and I am swimming every day now. It’s been high tide lately so I’ve been walking through the Douglas Family preserve (as in Michael Douglas- they bought this park a few blocks from my house to preserve it- Thank you!!!) It’s a fun way to get down […]

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Erin Williams Watercolors – Joyful Art for Your Spirit

Welcome Friends,
May you find joy and light in my art that celebrate nature as Divine Source. Each painting is a prayer for the positive channeled with love, grace, beauty and magic. Thanks to all who have supported my path as an artist throughout these many years.
I welcome your comments and questions.
With blessings and love,