The Latest Happenings

As I prepare for my annual spring show at the Village Galleries in Lahaina in May, I’ve had to develop intense focus on creating new work specific to Hawaii in a short time due to my schedule of back to back shows in March and April here in Santa Barbara.   It’s been an interesting […]

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January 11, 2014

The biggest impression to me by far on my recent trip to Indochina was the incredible spiritual strength of these loving Buddhist people Everywhere are Buddhas and temples in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  This one with the Naga (cobra) is a common image seen everywhere and reminds me of the coiled serpent in Kundalini yoga […]

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Retiring This blog

June 8, 2013

Over the past several months I have increasingly removed myself from the computer…and I like it. More time for the things i love that have meaning- painting, yoga, visits with friends and family, meditation, being in nature, in short living life.  I have become increasingly distraught at our culture living it’s life on computers, iphones, […]

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Erin Williams Watercolors – Joyful Art for Your Spirit

Welcome Friends,
May you find joy and light in my art that celebrate nature as Divine Source. Each painting is a prayer for the positive channeled with love, grace, beauty and magic. Thanks to all who have supported my path as an artist throughout these many years.
I welcome your comments and questions.
With blessings and love,